Spotter About Vegvisir Creations:

Crisis management veteran turned into nature / urban adventurer owned workshop.

I produce highly customized gear, jewelry and accessories for EDC (Every Day Carry) / hunting / survival / tactical use out of premium Mil-Spec grade materials: Paracord, Kydex / Boltaron / Holstex, Cordura, Carbonfiber, G10- and Micarta composite sheaths, and more.

About me:
I've loved to trek and adventure in the nature since a little boy, and later years expanded into long distance hiking and survival. Relevant gear and knowledge including military gear and ‐scene interested me long before my service in the military.

My very first adventure gear was an early 80's pocketknife with a few tools. Since then I've used countless different knifes and multitools on my hikes, military missions and in urban surroundings as well - thus gaining new ideas for knife sheaths, gear development and customization.

My products are widely spread across the EDC / game ‐scene as well as test and actively used amongst Police- / Military- / Security personnel internationally:

Products have been presented twice at the International Defence Industry IDEX-fair at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (International Defence Exhibition and Conference). Used in example by a survival instructor in Switzerland, a diver in Brazil.. Used for Ebola outbreak control in Sierra Leone, for peace / crisis management missions in Lebanon, Irak, Afghanistan.. Even one of my special knife sheath is in use by a US Navy SEAL operator.

I am a graduated Artisan of model building (designing and modelling included) and I have nearly 40 years of experience in arts and crafts. My military background:

  • Signalman on Military Service in Finnish Defence Forces (Sav.Pr./3.Er.Vk.)
  • Service work at signal gear depot (Sav.Pr.)
  • Peace keeping / crisis management operations on mechanized infantry companies: Sergeant / UNIFIL Lebanon, staff sergeant / NATO-SFOR Bosnia.
  • SERE A ‐survival training course